Jardinerie Pépinière Hérault, les serres de Saint André

Conception de jardin

Montpellier, Gignac, Lodève, Clermont l'Hérault, Béziers, Sète, Saint André de Sangonis

Végétaux, produits phytosanitaires, poteries, outillage, décoration.

Garden Care

Phytosanitaire, engrais, terreaux

Managing & Respecting the Environment

Our objective is not to declare war on the use of all chemicals. There is legislature in place to make sure the products on market are save to use. However, our soils have long been abused and we can praise the use of organic products.

The Microbes are our friends!

Fertilizers are the food of plants which bring them minerals and also help the work of the microbes.
Soil conditioners: potting compost, manures and other composts restructure and revitalise  the soil. They are the food for our earth worms. They compliment and amplify the work of fertilisers.
At Les Serres de Saint Andre you will find a choice of fertilizers for all your plants :
indoors & outdoors.
Disease & Pest Control

Pretty Butterflies, Cute Mushrooms ( be careful because they may dangerous to your plants !)

Using the proper treatment whether conventional or organic ( to each his own philosophy) is the best way to assure health of your plants.
In order to obtain the best results the proper use of the products is essential:
remember to always use the proper dosage use the right product at the right time and be sure to use the right equipment and method of application
At Les Serres de Saint Andre you will be able to find all the products you need to treat your plants wisely. Our helpful and knowledgeable team will help you choose the right products (conventional or organic) for the maintenance, prevention and fight against disease and unwanted pests in your garden.